Sunday, March 13, 2011

Oh là là, I love you Russia

Back home from our firms excursion/refreshment trip to the lovely amazing city of St. Petersburg. We started our trip from the Helsinki railwaystation, taking the new Allegro-train to Russia. The journey on the train was suprisingly nice, relaxing and fast! Our weekend went by way too quickly (I miss the hotel breakfasts already), but we did manage to squeeze in some shopping (I'd probaly squeeze this in even if my pants were on fire), sightseeing and a tour of the Winter Palace. All in all, the city is amazing with all it's history! 

This is what St. Petersburg was for me:

Fancy seilings

Enthusiastic tour guides

Italian mosaics



  1. Kai sä toit mulle maatuskan?????????!!!!!! :)

  2. Ha! Olisinpa tajunnu tuoda. Maatuskat on jotenkin niin siistejä ja super jännittäviä :D