Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Going, going, gone!

This is it. I'm moving to Scotland.. crazy huh? It started out as a plan to move abroad to Sweden, then back to Canada, then (only very briefly, for like a nanosecond) I did consider staying in Finland. So what I'm saying here is that I change my mind repeatedly, get excited about a plan and then after a few weeks, well, every plan changes. But I've confirmed my place at Glasgow University, going to be studying English/Politics as a Joint Honours starting 14 September (or something like that). Now this is not to say that I'll be staying in lovely Scotland forever, though I do think this might be what I want to do for a bit. 

I'm happy, sad, excited and scared. Mostly happy though. But I'll miss my family and friends for sure. I'll miss everyone so much. Luckily Glasgow is close and easy to visit, so I'm counting on my friends to pop over for a weekend at my humble lodgins.
Also, my flight is on September 1 and I've already started to pack. Ahem, early much?

I don't think I'll have time to blog too much during the course of my last 8 (!!!) weeks in Finland, but will start updating more once in Scotland. I'd also like to do a collage of memories in Finland just before I leave so I'll start working on that.

So much is going on though, no time to think!


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